New Ideas With A Twist

This year’s lingerie boasts new ideas and old ideas with a twist. Flowered bra and short shorts sets are sexy and beautiful. That’s how they make you look and feel.

To spice things up some designers have attached chokers to the bras or panties. Black bras and panties with stripes of a bright color are sure to attract some attention. How about clear plastic? You’ll see it this year. Or not.

Get playful with material on the front and lace in the back. Emerald green is the hot color this year.

Frilly sheer tops with solid opaque panties make the scene this year.

If you are tired of black try navy blue. It’s very beautiful with pink accents. Rev it up with zippers and leather. Another trend is eastern flavor with printed lingerie. Try something new this year and spice up your life.


New Ideas With a Twist