Dress to Look Less

Onzie High Rise Graphic LeggingsWhen shopping for clothes keep these tips in mind to help you look thinner. If the clothes look better on the rack than on you, leave them hanging. Clothes should flatter, not make you look fatter.Bootcut Jeans Jacket

Boot cut jeans with the flare at the end help give the impression of length. Stick to dark colors and make sure the jeans fit right. Couple them with a long shirt and a short jacket to slim your body.

Think long to make length. Long scarves, necklaces and cardigans create the illusion. Just keep the materials on the thin not bulky side.

Many women think loose dresses hide the fat but ones that fit and flare out at the waist actually look better. If the top of the dress isn’t flattering wear a cropped jacket to complete the look.

Scarf Necklace Cardigan

Your new attire shouldn’t emphasis your spare tire. Use the slimming undergarments that are available. There are whole aisles dedicated to this. Choose what you need and what makes you look the best. Just remember that it has to be comfortable for at least a few hours so don’t go overboard on tightness.

If you are bottom heavy be sure and wear dark colors there and lighter colors on top. Also, the longer the pants the slimmer you will look.