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What’s under is as good as what’s on

It’s all about what goes under that is the most important you your comfort and look. If what you have under isn’t the best, then everything else will look blah. This season’s collection, so far, is full of vibrant colors, embroidery and pretty prints to create your own fresh looks and spice up your style. So after you get your
basic unders here, try looking for those accessories that just complete you in your own special way.

It’s all about the original and impactful color designs, from a constantly changing range includes every kind of accessory imaginable; bags, purses, jewelry, belts, hats, scarves, flip flops, gloves, hair accessories and cosmetics.

Bare Necessities

The Right Panty…

Style is all about being yourself and what you wear reflects who you are. The right clothes not only looks good, but makes you feel good. The right panty makes you feel great. Put something on under wear it fits best. These boyshorts, for example, are not only sexy, but comfortable and great under most anything you put on.

Boyshorts by Panache fit well under anything, with fix, support and comfort. If you’re ready to “Love the Fit” then slip into these. You’ll love the feel, you’ll love the fit.

Or maybe something like a Felina Jacqui Low Rise Boyshort Panty. The floral embroidery and scalloped trim will accent your curves in all the right places.

Happy shopping!

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